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How To Backup Active Directory (Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008r2)

July 26, 2013

1) For Windows Server 2003

a) Open NTVACKUP By (Run—->NTBACKUP—>Enter

b) If you are prompted by the Backup or Restore Wizard, I suggest you un-check the “Always Start
in Wizard Mode” checkbox, and click on the Advanced Mode link.

c) In NTBACKUP Window Click on Backup Tab

d) Click to select the System State checkbox.Note you cannot manually select components of the
System State backup. It’s all or nothing.

e) Enter path to save backup file.

f) Click on Start Backup.

2)For Windows Server 2008
a) Before taking system state backup in windows server 2008 you need to first install backup
feature using Server Manager (Click Start—->Server Manager—>Click Features—–>Add
Features—->Scroll to bottom and select both Windows server Backup and Command Line Tools.

Note: In Server 2008, there isn’t an option to backup the System State data through the
normal backup utility . We need to go “command line” to backup Active Directory.

b) After that Open Command Prompt ant type following command:
wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:e:

Where e: is your External Backup Drive.
Please note that you cannot take backup on local disk.

3) Windows Server 2008 R2

a) Open Windows Server Backup

b) In action panel click Backup Once

c) Different Options is Selected, click Next

d) Choose Custom, click Next

e) Click Add Items

f) Select System State, click Next

g) Specify Backup Destination, Local drive (Apart from System Volume) or Network Share

h) Click Backup to start System State Backup

i) You may close the wizard and the backup operation will continue to run in background


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