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Disable Network Manager Service in CENTOS 6

September 20, 2012

To Disable Network Manager Service in Linux

Login with root access or SSH to server

To Stop Network Manager Service

# service NetworkManager stop

Configure chkconfig so that the Network Manager Service cannot start at Startup

# chkconfig NetworkManager off

Now Add default Net Manager

# chkconfig network on

Start default Manager

# service network start



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  1. fckregister permalink

    God, NetworkManager sucks.. thanx

  2. Thanks for this. I just lost connectivity to a server for half an hour because just *editing* an ifcfg-xxxx file caused NetworkManager to helpfully down the primary interface 8-(. One does wonder what kind of people think enabling this kind of thing on a server OS by default is a good idea. I have a gold mine to sell them, cheaply.

  3. Sean permalink

    Yay! Thank you! Now I can have multiple addresses assigned to one interface and have it work!

  4. Dude permalink

    just what I`ve needed, thanks

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